Juhi Chitra
Product Designer


About Me



HOW I got into design

I started messing around in FrontPage around 13, Photoshop around 16. Soon picked up HTML/CSS and realised that design is my calling. That led to a bachelors in communication design from NIFT, Delhi and a graduation project at a startup in UI design. Right now I am freelancing out of Delhi. You can find out more on my LinkedIn profile.

WHAT i do in my free time


I practice calligraphy and lettering

which I post regularly on Instagram as @JuhiChitra

I have also started selling some calligraphy and paper products on my Etsy shop called The Scratchy Nib.

Sometimes I doodle

Sketching is what led me to the “creative” field. But now I mostly only make digital illustrations.

I like cosmology & science fiction

Inspired by which, I'm working on these set of posters to depict some of the most amazing facts about the universe. 

And here's my two favourite sci-fi shorts available to read online:

The Last Question [pdf]
by Isaac Asimov

The Gentle Seduction
by Marc Stiegler

I've started writing about design

which I post on Medium as @Juhi.

I dribbble too

Some UI, some branding, some illustration.

And I tweet a lot.

I talk about design in tech, working home home, being skeptical and understanding gender, as @JuhiChitra.